About CODA

In this project we will create a fun and easy to follow MOOC which is aimed at giving adult learners a wide array of coding skills and opening opportunities for them. In this way we meet the following priorities:

ADULT EDUCATION: Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education. With a free, easily accessible MOOC that is professionally produced we will make it possible for adult learners to acquire coding skills on their own. Since we are planning to cater to the needs of adults and help them solve challenges at work or in everyday situations with coding we will enable them to advance on a personal level and maybe on a professional level as well. We are creating a learning approach that is modern and easily accessible to all adults who are willing to continue learning. It will be free to use and free to share and we will encourage anyone to join the online course. The delivery method is digital and the learning content is all about the digital era and essential skills, all prepared in an innovative way that lets adult learners find ways to immediately make use of their newly acquired coding skills in their daily lives.

HORIZONTAL: Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity. Computational thinking and programming skills are slowly becoming more and more important key competences in our daily life. People need to learn how to use technology properly and benefit a lot from learning basic programming skills and computational thinking as those key competences make them not only able to use today’s technology effectively but also how to adjust it to their needs, for example by creating their own small programs. Also computational thinking and knowledge about basic programming are basic requirements in many jobs nowadays.

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