CODA – Coding for Adults

March 16, 2023

Computers have evolved and have become part of not only almost everyone’s work life but also of almost every other aspect of life such as entertainment, health, finances, shopping, traveling, etc. They are in our phones, our watches, our cars, our home appliances, our entertainment systems, and even in our work tools. In all EU countries, we have a rising demand for skilled workers who can program computers; however, the gap between the skills needed and those with the skills is growing every year. As our societies are flooded with new technology every year the importance of knowing how to code becomes more and more apparent. We already have a serious lack of skilled workers in many areas of technology which means that we see growing opportunities for those who have at least a basic understanding of coding skills. Computational thinking and programming skills are not only very important key competences everyone should learn nowadays, they are also essential for an increasing amount of jobs in today’s economy due to the immensely increasing function of technology in our society. This is why everybody should get to know the world of programming. What’s even more, we will guide learners towards employment opportunities that are available for those with a beginner level knowledge of programming skills. Understanding which jobs are available and how to apply for them will be integrated into the course.

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